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Delta2000 Cali Colombia Case History

Pharmaceutical Dispensing Project, in Cali, Colombia

At the beginning of 2022, Delta2000 was commissioned to carry
out an important project in Cali, Colombia by a well-known pharmaceutical logistics center.


The request from the customer was to create an area with controlled contamination along with controlled conditions between the temperatures of 15 ° and 25 °. That is, a sterile environment for the management and distribution of health products.

This area is technically known as a pharmaceutical distribution room or weighing room. Spaces that require a very high level of attention and precision because it is there that the right material must be weighed, in the quantities required, for the production of a specific type of drug. Imagine what a small mistake that could cause such a catastrophic damage.

In this area of about 400 square meters, Delta 2000 conceived and crafted the changing rooms, as well as the compass entrance areas along with interlocked doors, in compliance to the current governmental regulations.

The duration of the entire project was concluded within six months, with great customer satisfaction. Great goal considering the workload, nevertheless all the coordination and organization: from production, to delivery of materials, to the numerous on-site checks to ensure that the works were completed for installation.

The Columbia project was a great challenge, successfully completed, thanks to the joint efforts of the entire Delta2000 commercial, developmentdesign, production and installation team.

The laminate walls fitted to divide the areas will ensure a perfect seal of the rooms thanks to watertight hooks system and will make cleansing processes easier and faster. Allowing a considerable saving both on maintenance costs and on plant management costs.

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