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Our Made in Italy company

Delta2000, leading company in the production of cleanrooms

Quality is the foundation of efficiency

Delta2000 was born from the fusion of two companies with over twenty years experience in the industry, and today it’s the world leader in the design and production of solutions for cleanrooms and controlled contamination environments.

The know-how and business organisation of the two companies has allowed us to become reliable partners for companies in need of innovative projects, top quality products and state-of the-art services.

We have structured our company to work in the following industries: pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, electronic, food, cosmetic and architectural, presenting ourselves as a reliable partner for our customers. In addition to a high quality product, we offer a pre and post-sales service.

With flexibility and an aptitude for innovation, we have been able to successfully face requests coming from different industries and produce advanced solutions, with an ongoing increase in quality.

Delta 2000 Solutions for Architecture Industry Offices

DELTA2000: Leading partner in the design and production of cleanrooms

The result of many years of experience as well as the merger of two important companies in the industry, today Delta2000 is the leading company internationally for the design and production of cleanrooms, covering a wide range of industries and applications.

A high level of know-how, significant focus on Research & Development and constant interest in technological improvement make us the main partners for companies in every sector that want comprehensive projects for the construction of cleanrooms for the chemical, pharmaceutical, medical, electronic, food, cosmetic, and architectural industries.

Cleanrooms branded Delta2000 are the result of advanced projects that see technology and innovation, as indispensable conditions, along with top quality materials and highly skilled designs.

Our wide range of solutions in terms of cleanrooms is combined with an outstanding consultancy service that makes our brand the main player in the industry.

Discover the Delta2000 ranges: DeltaCEILING™, DeltaWALL™, DeltaDOORS™, DeltaWINDOWS™, DeltaFURNITURE™, DeltaFLOOR™, DeltaPROFILE™, DeltaPASSBOX™.

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