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PVC DeltaFloor™

Floors for sterile environments

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Heterogeneous PVC flooring

The DeltaFloor™ heterogeneous PVC floors for sterile environments made by Delta2000, a company specialized in the design, production and installation of cleanrooms, are suitable for several sectors: Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Chemical, Cosmetic and Food.

Specifically, PVC floors, also known as heterogeneous vinyl PVC floors, are resistant and long-lasting solutions for highly trafficked areas. Especially in the healthcare sector like hospitals and in the pharmaceutical industry.

Heterogeneous PVC flooring allows you to obtain an impeccable flush coverage of the cleanroom modular walls, also thanks to the the rounded profile connectors and corners without joints.

PVC flooring is available in tile format or rolls, for easy installation.

The heterogeneous PVC floor, produced by Delta2000, is ideal for cleanrooms thanks to its antibacterial, antistatic and easy to clean qualities, thanks to the polyurethane coating.

Other features of the heterogeneous PVC floor:

  • anti-slip surface
  • wear-resistant
  • waterproof
  • antistatic and antimicrobial qualities that prevents the growth of bacteria.
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