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Ceilings for cleanrooms

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The cleanroom ceilings made by Delta2000, a company specialized in the design, production and installation of cleanrooms, is suitable for several sectors: Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Chemical, Cosmetic and Food.

Without forgetting structural projects for hospitals.

Cleanroom ceilings are light-weight structures made of a flat surface, placed below the actual ceiling, and they decrease the usable height of the room in question.

The DeltaCeiling cleanroom ceilings can be installed for aesthetic purposes, or as a coating with insulating, soundproofing or fire-resistant material.

It can also be used to store one or more units in the area between the ceilings.

Flexible modular ceiling for cleanrooms, in controlled contamination areas.

Walkable ceilings for cleanrooms and sterile environments.

The DeltaCeiling cleanroom ceilings from the Delta2000 ranges OMEGA DeltaCEILING and WALKABLE DeltaCEILING are made from an omega frame, with a visible 65 mm profile in extruded anodized and/or pre-painted aluminium with infill panels for cleanrooms and they can be designed in different ways.

All the materials used are certified according to applicable laws.

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