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Walkable ceilings for cleanrooms

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Walkable ceilings

The walkable or walk on ceilings for cleanrooms made by Delta2000, a company specialized in the design, production and installation of cleanrooms, are suitable for several sectors: Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Chemical, Cosmetic and Food.

Without forgetting structural projects for hospitals.

The range of ceilings WALKABLE DeltaCeiling allow maintenance workers to safely access the top of the cleanroom during the construction and maintenance of the facility.

Cleanroom HPL DeltaCEILING™. Its resistance to most chemical agents makes it ideal for controlled contamination environments, where cleaning operations include weekly or daily cycles of sanitization.

Cleanroom ALUMINIUM DeltaCEILING™ are aluminium modular panels used to make cleanrooms. They can be used for walls, ceilings, doors and floors.

Cleanroom STEEL DeltaCEILING™. Galvanized Steel Panels used to make cleanrooms. They can be used for walls, ceilings, doors and floors.

Delta2000 designs and produces walkable ceilings for cleanrooms, with a hidden aluminium structure in the panels.

They can be connected by means of special galvanized steel threaded rods and hangers, designed according to the pre-existing structure.

The walkable ceiling panels are with an aluminium frame inside filled with high density rockwool, polystyrene or honeycomb insulation.

Delta 2000 designs two types of walkable ceiling:

  1. An external panel made of pre-painted aluminium: thickness 1.2 mm (12/10), total thickness of the panel for a 48-mm panel with maximum dimensions of 1240 x 2990 mm
  2. An HPL panel: 4 mm thick, total panel thickness for a 48 mm panel with maximum dimensions of 1286 x 3030 mm.

Delta2000 ceilings meet all architectural, industrial, medical, pharmaceutical criteria and requirements for an excellent solution, tailored to all companies that require their technical compartment to be accessible.

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