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Modular walls for the cleanrooms of the future



The modular walls for cleanrooms by Delta2000 have been designed for controlled contamination areas and use extruded aluminum profiles to assemble the various components.

The wall panel are made from combining:

  • an aluminium frame structured on all four sides
  • melamine plastic laminate sheet 4 mm thick, pre-painted aluminium 12/10 gauge or galvanized steel sheet 7/10 gauge

The cleanroom modular walls are insulated with either polyester, mineral wool, or aluminium honeycomb/corrugated sheets, depending on the needs of the project.

Cleanroom HPL DeltaWALL™. Its resistance to most chemical agents makes it ideal for controlled contamination environments, where cleaning operations include weekly or daily cycles of sanitization.

Cleanroom ALUMINUM DeltaWALL™ has been designed to maintain structural integrity in extreme environments in which humidity is a key factor.

STEEL DeltaWALLS™ has been designed to meet the most complex planning requirements in which modularity is the master, and to safeguard the customer’s budget.

It’s becoming increasingly common for architects and managers to opt for a light and clean work environment, especially when it comes to controlled contamination environments. Which is why we have included in our product the range of Cleanroom GLAZED DeltaWALL™ glass walls that adapt to every design need.

Delta2000 has created GLASS DeltaWALL™, a range of modular glass walls, especially designed for cleanrooms.

In the GLASS DeltaWALL™ range, we have the CLEAN collection featuring:

  • Coplanar integration of the components, with walls and doors having the same width of 48 mm
  • Anti-accident thermopane windows composed as follows 3+3/36/3+3.

The LIGHT collection is based on light and attractive designs. Ideal for creating large glass surfaces without interruption, thanks to the installation of thermopane 6+6 glass elements, on an extruded aluminum support.

The GLASS DeltaWALL™ collections, CLEAN and LIGHT, stand out for their easy fitting, installation and maintenance.

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