Cleanroom for packaging

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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Also in the packaging sector, the clean room must offer a highly controlled environment that allows absolute air purity during the productive processes. In fact, air contamination by particles, substances or even dust not only can reduce the quality of the products, but also compromise it for good.

Due to this reason, not only it’s important to ensure that inside the clean room for packaging the air must be pure and not contaminated, but also to avoid contaminating elements to deposit into the environment.

Each of our clients has specific requirements: that is why our projects are always unique and tailored, in order to be able to address every specific need.

Specifically, each clean room for packaging has the following aims:

  • Avoid contaminant particles to enter the work environment
  • Constantly filter the air and guide its flow
  • Maintain specific characteristics in terms of temperature or humidity
  • Reduce the pressure
  • Provide a clean environment for the productive process that take place inside the room
  • Remove exhausted air

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