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Cleanrooms: what are they?

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Cleanrooms are becoming increasingly more popular in several industrial sectors, thanks to their undeniable benefits. But what are cleanrooms, exactly?

Cleanrooms can be defined as environments used in chemical, electronic, and mechanical laboratories, whose main feature is the presence of very pure air. By pure air, we mean, in this case, the air with a very low content of airborne dust particles.

Cleanrooms are, therefore, rooms with a controlled atmosphere, both in terms of particle pollution and of atmospheric pressure and must not be confused with other types of special environments, such as sterile rooms or anechoic chambers.

Cleanrooms: origin and main features

Cleanrooms originated in the United States and initially were intended mainly for the microelectronics sector, especially for working on certain semiconductors, such as silicon. In this sense, cleanrooms proved to be the ideal environment that allowed to increase both the quality of the products (in terms of purity) and the efficiency of the production itself.

It is important to remember that cleanrooms are classified by the content of particles 0.5 µm or larger in a defined volume of air. The classification is issued by the manufacturer of the cleanroom using a particle counter, once the cleanroom begins operation. The lower is the number of particles counted, the “cleaner” is the air inside the cleanroom. The cleanest environments are the ones with the lowest classification.

Cleanrooms: how do they work?

To understand exactly what cleanrooms are, it is also important to understand their operation.

The operation of a cleanroom is based on a principle of forced recirculation of super-filtered air in a sealed room. Large fans operating at a low speed make sure that the air inside is clean. Their purpose is to let into the room, through the ceiling, a “laminar flow of air” that has been previously filtered through high-quality HEPA filters.

Therefore, the air inside the cleanroom is of exceptional purity, even superior to that of a regular operating room. For this reason, those who work inside the cleanroom are equipped with sterile lab coats, caps, masks, overshoes, and are suitably trained regarding the correct behaviour in these spaces.

Cleanrooms: uses

It is also important to clarify how cleanrooms are normally used. The main use for this type of environment lies in the industrial and scientific wafer-fab research, in the micro-electric and microelectronic industry, in the bottling and food industry, and, of course, in the pharmaceutical sector. However, the use of cleanrooms is increasing also in the field of data recovery, because their controlled atmosphere can significantly reduce the chances of particle contamination that might make data recovery impossible, or, at the very least, very difficult.

Cleanrooms: Delta2000 range

Delta2000 is today the world’s leading company in the design and production of cleanroom solutions and controlled contamination environments.

Born from the merger of two important companies operating in the sector for over twenty years, Delta2000 offers a know-how of the highest level, working daily with companies in all sectors who want to give life to projects for which technology and innovation, as well as the high quality of products and solutions, are indispensable.

Today, Delta2000 specialises in the production of solutions for cleanrooms for any industry:

  • Chemical
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Electronic
  • Food
  • Cosmetic
  • Architectural

Its range of comprehensive solutions and the high-quality customer service make Delta2000 the worldwide reference point for this kind of products.

Contact Delta2000 now to receive specialist advice about the most advanced solutions for cleanrooms.

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