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Delta2000 DeltaCEILING ceilings for cleanrooms

DeltaCEILING, ceilings for cleanrooms

Discover the DeltaCEILING range of ceilings and suspended ceilings by Delta2000 for controlled contamination and sterile environments, like cleanrooms.

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The ceilings from the DeltaCEILING range by Delta2000 are particularly suitable and recommended for rooms that must be air-tight. This is an especially important feature for operating rooms, cleanrooms or sterile rooms for chemical-biological analysis laboratories or environments where food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronics etc. are processed. Air-tightness is achieved through the perfect adhesion of the upper part of the panels to the lower layer of the support structure thanks to an elastic seal that makes it unnecessary to use additional sealants (silicone, etc.).

The DeltaCEILING range of products: OMEGA and WALKABLE

The DeltaCEILING range features two groups of products: the OMEGA ceilings and the WALKABLE ceilings.

DeltaCEILING OMEGA ceilings

These are flexible modular ceilings for controlled contamination and sterile environments. They are made of a light-weight structure with a flat surface placed below the actual ceiling that decreases the usable height of the room in question. These ceilings were created to fulfil aesthetic needs, or as a coating with insulating, soundproofing or fire-resistant material, and are also used to store one or more units in the space between the ceilings.
The cleanroom ceilings from the OMEGA DeltaCeiling range produced by Delta2000, are made from an omega frame, with a visible 65 mm profile in extruded anodized and/or pre-painted aluminium with infill panels for cleanrooms. All the materials used are certified according to applicable laws. The Omega ceilings can be produced in different ways:


These are walkable ceilings for cleanrooms and sterile environments, with a hidden aluminium structure in the panels. They can be connected by means of special galvanized steel threaded rods and hangers, designed according to the pre-existing structure. Delta 2000 designs 3 types of WALKABLE ceilings:


Cleanroom HPL DeltaCEILING™. Its resistance to most chemical agents makes it ideal for controlled contamination environments, where cleaning operations include weekly or daily cycles of sanitization. The HPL DeltaCEILING high pressure laminate panel has between six and eight compacted layers of Kraft paper, impregnated with thermosetting resins. It’s finished with special decorative paper featuring a particular pattern or a solid colour. The layers are compacted to create a highly durable surface. Dense, hard, durable, easy to clean and requiring little maintenance.
HPL DeltaCeiling


Cleanroom ALUMINIUM DeltaCEILING™ are aluminium modular panels used to make cleanrooms. They can be used for walls, ceilings, doors and floors. The aluminium modular WALKABLE DeltaCEILING panels are defined by a wide range of features and advantages that make them ideal for cleanrooms. The benefits include:
  • Fire and heat resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Rigidity
  • Humidity resistant


Cleanroom STEEL DeltaCEILING™. Galvanized Steel Panels used to make cleanrooms. They can be used for walls, ceilings, doors and floors. The STEEL modular panel in galvanized steel is assembled using two sheets of steel, gauge 7/10, fixed to a frame in extruded aluminium with four sides. Defined by a wide range of features and advantages that make them ideal for cleanrooms.
STEEL DeltaCeiling
The insulation for the WALKABLE DeltaCEILING™ is available in: polystyrene, rockwool, honeycomb
All ceilings in the WALKABLE DeltaCEILING range consist of panels with an internal aluminium frame, insulated as required with:
  • high density rockwool
  • polystyrene
  • honeycomb insulation

Some of our cleanroom ceiling projects:

High quality standards and speedy delivery

The ceilings in the DeltaCEILING range by Delta2000 are the best solution for personnel working in any environment in which hygiene and sterilisation are primary requirements. Excellent for ensuring an uncontaminated work environment. All Delta2000 products are customizable and designed, assembled and optimised on-site, without the need for third parties. By following each stage directly, we can guarantee high quality standards and speedy delivery.
When it comes to choosing the right furniture for cleanrooms and sterile environments, you can trust Delta2000. With our certified solutions, quality and respect for project deadlines, every customer leaves fully satisfied. See the data sheets on the page dedicated to the DeltaCEILING range.

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