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The importance of cleanrooms today, in production environments where cleanliness is fundamental

The importance of an aseptic and sterilized environment

To understand fully the importance of cleanrooms and to work in a sterilized environment, we introduce the meaning of aseptic. Delta2000 come rendere un-ambiente produttivo asettico

Asepsis or aseptic indicates the absence of germs, such as bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that can cause disease.

Here are some practical examples:

  • In the medical health field:
    • Employees in the medical field use aseptic techniques to protect patients from infections and to implement certain medical procedures, such as development of medicines and packaging of medicines.
    • Aseptic technique is a standard health practice that helps prevent the transfer of germs to or from an open wound and other sensitive areas on a patient’s body.
  • In the production area:
    • Aseptic packaging is a specialized production process in which food, pharmaceutical products or other contents are sterilized separately from packaging. The contents are placed in the container in a sterile environment.

The process of sterilization is to make an environment or an object aseptic

Delta2000 asettico e sterilizzazione camere bianche

To guarantee the yield of an environment, a product or an aseptic object, it is necessary to carry out a sterilization process.

Sterilization refers to any process that eliminates, removes, kills or neutralizes all life forms (in particular referring to microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, etc.) and other biological agents such as prions present on a surface, an object or a specific fluid, such as food or biological culture media.

Sterilization can be accomplished by various means, including heat, chemicals, radiation, high pressure and filtration.

After sterilization, an object is referred to as sterile or aseptic.

The importance of clean rooms in the sterilization process and in the rendering of aseptic environments, products and objects

What do we use cleanrooms for?

They are typically used in manufacturing or scientific research, a clean room is a controlled environment that has a low level of pollutants such as dust, microbes present in the air, aerosol particles and chemical vapors.

How a clean room works

Cleanrooms work to remove pollutants, particles and contaminants from the outside air. The external air is first circulated in a filter system, which cleans and decontaminates it according to certain specifications.

Delta2000 rappresenta lo stato dell’arte nella progettazione, produzione e installazione di camere bianche

Entrusting the production of a cleanroom to Delta2000 means choosing to work with the highest quality, professionalism and safety

Delta2000 pareti per camere bianche

Delta-2000 is an Italian company leader in the design, production and installation of cleanrooms, i.e. manufacturing of modular panels, pharma doors and modular false ceilings.

A company that has been operating in the world of aseptic and sterilization for over 35 years.

The partner of excellence for construction of professional cleanrooms for multiple industrial sectors:

Delta-2000 products are the result of a syntonic and synergistic work of all company departments, from production to the technical office as well as a continuous investment in the Research & Development sector and in high-level design.

Delta-2000 manufactures a wide variety of modular systems for construction of cleanrooms, which maintain temperature, humidity, pressure and contaminants levels within strict limits:

  • Modular walls for cleanrooms: made from extruded aluminum profiles for the assembly of various components. The walls are insulated with polystyrene or mineral wool or honeycomb aluminum. The panels of the walls are of the following types; Melamine sheet (HPL), aluminum and metal.
  • Cleanroom doors: they have a reinforced extruded aluminum frame, rounded off and without edges, to prevent the accumulation of impurities. Delta-2000 cleanroom doors have two great assets: the flexibility that allows you to install any accessory and the finishing profiles that make them customizable for each project and site.
  • Solutions for cleanroom floors: ad hoc solutions for cleanroom floors that comply with the requirements relating to the emission of volatile particles. To guarantee the reduction of risk of contamination. Each solution is studied carefully in choosing the most suitable material that is in line with the coating material.
  • False ceilings for cleanrooms: they consist of an omega structure or (walkable) panel frame, with a visible profile in extruded anodized and / or pre-painted aluminum with curtain panels. There are different customizable solutions and all materials used are certified in Class 1.
  • Profiles and finishes: designed to give a complete professional finishing for cleanrooms, capable of making each project unique and a high performance.
  • Specific furnishings for cleanrooms: a wide range of specific furnishings, from wardrobes to benches, all custom made as to satisfy every application need.

All products and accessories for cleanrooms are customizable in terms of materials and technical characteristics, in order to satisfy any type of application, regulatory requirement or customer requests.
The components are manufactured on our premises in Italy, using first choice and long lasting materials. Customers who choose to rely on Delta 2000’s professionalism find competence, solidity, organization, professionalism and respecting of deadlines.

We strongly believe that the success of a project lies in establishing a relationship of partnership and trust with the customer as well as the current market trends. To consider the cleanroom as the true “finished product” and simply not a modular room.

 Delta-2000 is the answer for any Design & Build project in modular cleanrooms.
Why Delta-2000?

Delta2000 produzione camere bianche

  • Over 35 years of experience in the cleanroom sector.
  • Hundreds of completed cleanroom projects worldwide.
  • Internal team of qualified designers and installers.
  • Certified quality based on efficiency.
  • Flexibility and strong predisposition for innovation.
  • High quality materials, coming from the best and qualified producers on the market.
  • Maximum attention in Research and Development.
  • Pre and post sales consultancy of absolute excellence.

Our sterile environments ensure perfect environmental parameters, in strict compliance with current regulations. For this purpose, we personally are attentive of the feasibility study and, once the work is completed, we ensure periodic monitoring as well as necessary checks from the design department. Delta-2000 offers a complete service, based on the customers every single need and requirement.

A precise experience in designing cleanrooms for the pharmaceutical and hospital sector allows us to guarantee excellent execution of projects with the highest quality standards for each sector. We can therefore ensure the design and construction of establishments with controlled contamination as well as in other industries such as cosmetic, food, chemical and electronic.

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