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Delta2000 Case history

Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici (VC)

The “core business” of FIS is Custom Synthesis, meaning the exclusive production of intermediates, advanced intermediates and active principles for pharmaceutical industries holding patented pharmaceuticals. FIS provides a series of integrated services including: research & development, optimization of the synthesis process and scale-up facilities to support validation and product launch.

Delta 2000 designed and developed the state-of-the-art FIS implant in Lonigo, near Vicenza.

FIS opted for the cleanroom architectural solutions offered by Delta 2000, which was ready to realize and install over 7000 square meters of LAMPO wall systems.

In these environments where cleaning and reliability of a solid wall system are crucial, using walls with an external plastic laminated layer of 4 mm ensures to be able to use most of the cleaning methods, thanks to the high resistance to corrosion of this material. The flexibility needed by our client was reached through our OMEGA suspended ceiling system.

The connections between the different zones of the implant (ISO 1000, ISO 10000, ISO100000 classes) have been realized with cleanroom interlocked doors with an electromechanical system integrated into the door aluminum frame.

This kind of implant is also approved by FDA.

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