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Delta 2000 HIKMA Pharmaceutical PLC


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]DELTA 2000: YOUR REFERENCE PARTNER FOR CLEAN ROOMS

Delta 2000 is one of the leading companies in the design, production, and installation of clear rooms. Our reality has been active for decades and has put all its professionalism and experience to the service of its clients, proposing tailored solutions to meet each need that we are presented with.

Delta 2000 partners are able to realize walls, windows, ceilings and accessories for clean rooms that are sold worldwide thanks to the very high quality ensured by excellent raw materials.

Our company is a reference for hospitals and clinics that need clean rooms for their operating rooms and to provide clinical operation services in a healthy environment. We also offer our services to chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, as we are always able to provide an exclusive product that will allow your staff to work without environmental particles damaging the environment.


Delta 2000 realizes in-depth studies to offer to its clients solutions which are both efficacious and efficient. Our company is constantly growing from a technological point of view, in order to be able to offer you a product that will address your needs. Research, development, and design are three aspects in which we have always believed and invested, to be able to present unique and exclusive solutions on the market.

Delta 2000 is specialized in the design, production and selling of several components of clean rooms:

  • Doors, realized with a radial frame without sharp edges that can be integrated with a number of accessories
  • Modular wallsrealized with filling plastic laminated panels and glass elements in thermopane
  • Ceilings and suspended ceilings
  • Several accessories for clean rooms such as cabinets, benches, baskets and so on.


Delta is your trusted partner for clean rooms. Our company is active in all the regions of Italy and also exports worldwide, being particularly appreciated for the quality of its solutions as well as the highest support offered by the staff, who answers quickly and precisely to the queries of our clients, to be able to meet any needs that can arise with time.

We recently launched our new website [link to the other article] in order to keep up with technology, make easier for you to consult our pages as well as offer the best answers to people interested in our activities.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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