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Delta2000 Case history Chiesi Farmaceutici Spa

Chiesi Farmaceutici Spa

Parma – Italy Among its values, Chiesi wants to be recognized by all its interlocutors as a company that promotes and adopts transparent conduct at all levels consistent with the rules and regulations and which is inspired by the principles of social responsibility. This is why it turned to the

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Delta2000 Case history Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., an Israeli pharmaceutical giant, is a world leader in the generic drug industry and provides high-quality patient-oriented medical solutions used by millions of patients every day. Globally, Teva is the leading manufacturer of equivalent drugs. In the field of specialized drugs, the company is engaged in

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Delta2000 Case history Hikma Pharmaceuticals Plc USA

Hikma Pharmaceuticals Plc USA

The core business of the American pharmaceutical company Hikma Pharmaceuticals Plc is the development, production and marketing of a range of both branded and non-branded generic and licensed products. He built his worldwide reputation by providing important medicines to consumers by operating the first FDA-inspected pharmaceutical manufacturing facility in the

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Delta2000 Case history Marrakech Medical Center

Marrakech Medical Center

Le “Marrakech Medical Center” est un complexe hospitalier privé situé à Marrakech. Pour son nouveau service de chirurgie, l’établissement a investi dans le système de cloisons LAMPO, conçu et personnalisé en collaboration avec AHL, une société d’ingénieurs locale qui a suivi la conception et les travaux de mise en œuvre.

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Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici (VC)

The “core business” of FIS are Custom Synthesis, that is the exclusive production of intermediates, advanced intermediates and active ingredients for the pharmaceutical companies holding the patent and as such of the pharmaceutical specialty. FIS provides a number of integrated services ranging from: research & amp; development, optimization of the

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