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Case History Delta2000


Delta2000 Case history Marrakech Medical Center

Marrakech Medical Center

The “Marrakech Medical Center” is a private hospital complex based in Marrakech.
For the new surgery department, the company invested in the LAMPO wall system, designed and customized in collaboration with AHL, a local engineering company that followed the design and installation work.

To meet the needs of environments of this kind that provide for the integration and inspection of medical gas systems, the wall integration of negatoscopes and TVs for data transmission and a whole series of accessories, Delta2000 has exploited the the flexibility and practicality of installation typical of our products are better.

The operating rooms created with the LAMPO ceiling and wall system are ISO5 classified for complex surgical interventions such as transplants, prosthesis implantation, neurosurgery, oncology, orthopedics, with duration

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