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Case History Delta2000



Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici (VC)

The “core business” of FIS are Custom Synthesis, that is the exclusive production of intermediates, advanced intermediates and active ingredients for the pharmaceutical companies holding the patent and as such of the pharmaceutical specialty. FIS provides a number of integrated services ranging from: research & amp; development, optimization of the synthesis process and scale-up up to large-scale production for validation and commercial quantities.

For FIS Delta 2000, she was responsible for designing and developing the new generation plant in Montecchio Maggiore, located in the province of Vicenza.

The design choice fell on the architectural solutions for cleanrooms offered by Delta 2000 which took steps to create and install more than 7000 square meters of LAMPO wall system.

In the environments in question, where the cleaning and reliability of a solid wall system are essential, the use of walls with external coating in 4 mm plastic laminate guarantees the customer a guarantee against most of the methods used for cleaning, thanks to the corrosion resistance of this material. While, the flexibility required by the client was achieved with the use of our OMEGA ceiling system.

The connections between the various areas of the system (ISO 1000, ISO 10000, ISO100000 class) were made with cleanroom doors interlocked with each other with an electromechanical system integrated into the aluminum frame of the door.

This plant also enjoys FDA approvals.



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