Partnership with MISTEC SALAS BLANCA, S.L.

In order to consolidate its presence in the global market, Delta2000 signed an exclusive distribution partnership with the Spanish company MISTEC SALAS BLANCA, S.L.
This partnership consolidates Delta’s presence in the Spanish market which is crucial for the pharma sector.

MINSTEC SALAS BLANCA, S.L., will market and install Delta2000 products in Spain.

Thanks to its wide experience and to a deep knowledge of the needs and requirements of the sector, MINSTEC SALAS BLANCA, S.L., a company specialized in the design, production and installation of equipment and specific solutions for clean rooms, will be able to offer not only products, but also an even faster assistance to Spanish clients.

Delta2000 found in MINSTEC SALAS BLANCA, S.L. a reliable partner to develop its business in Spain.

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