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Delta2000 confirms to be a growing company able to use raw materials to address different needs, thanks to the quality and style of the materials.
Thanks to its flexibility, Delta2000 is also able to plan and realize solutions for environments with different end use destinations and not only cleanrooms and controlled-contamination environments.

The new offices realized in the area of Cavenago represent a concrete example of the versatility of Delta2000 panels.
Delta2000 also offers integrated services of design, assistance, assembly and complete production.
The main strength of Delta2000 modular wall is the quality of materials and construction. The result is excellent thanks to the high quality laminated panels provided by Abet Laminati Spa, one of the most important productive realities in the sector of decorative plastic laminate.

Abet Laminati Spa has constantly worked on the image of its products through research of decors and textures able to create curiosity, emotions, and inspiration.
You can find here the complete gallery of the offices we realized

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